Dell is a powerhouse of technology and innovation, and its Precision Workstations is no different. In just a few days, the Dell Precision Workstations is set to discuss the latest advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and spatial computing. With a long-standing reputation for pushing the boundaries of computer technology, Dell continues to lead the charge toward a future where technology is more seamlessly integrated into our daily lives.

Dell’s commitment to innovation is evident in its portfolio of workstations, from AI-ready towers to powerful mobiles, Precision Workstations reflect a dedication to performance, security, and the user experience, underpinned by a forward-thinking approach to technological advancement.

At the heart of Dell’s mission is a vision to empower users through technology. By advancing fields such as AI and spatial computing, Dell aims to enhance both personal and professional spheres, making digital interactions more intuitive and immersive.

As the tech landscape evolves, Dell Precision Workstations remains at the forefront, leveraging advanced technology to redefine the possibilities of desktop computing. Whether through the development of AI-driven analytics for business insights or the integration of spatial computing for more engaging entertainment experiences, Dell is actively shaping the future of technology.

The Lively & Grit Daily House at SXSW 2024 presents an ideal opportunity for Dell to highlight its leadership in technological innovation. An official media house of the festival, The Lively & Grit Daily House will host Dell Precision Workstations for a series of discussions on March 11th. These panels are set to explore the transformative potential of AI and spatial computing, offering insights into how these technologies are reshaping our interaction with the digital world.

“Edge AI Meets Spatial Computing,” scheduled for 10:35 AM CT, will delve into the convergence of AI with spatial computing, highlighting how this integration can create more intuitive and immersive digital experiences.

Featuring a lineup of innovators, including Rachel Joy Victor, co-founder of; Alex Porter, CEO of Mod Tech Labs; Skylar Thomas, co-founder and CTO of PlaybookXR; and Erin Reilly, Professor of Practice and Inaugural Director of Innovation & Entrepreneurship at UT Austin, the discussion promises to illuminate the future of technology as envisioned by Dell.

Following at 11:15 AM CT, the second panel, “Immersion Matters: The Evolution of Performance,” will hone in on the impact of spatial technologies on live performances and the arts. Lucas Wilson, CEO of ArkRunr, will share his experiences in utilizing these technologies to create immersive experiences that redefine audience engagement and interactive storytelling.

The intimate setting of the venue, located just blocks away from the Austin Convention Center, provides the perfect environment for meaningful dialogue, networking, and the exploration of cutting-edge technologies.

As SXSW draws near, Dell Precision Workstations’s panels stand to offer a unique glimpse into how AI and spatial computing are not just shaping the tools we use but also the very fabric of our digital lives.

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