In an age of smartphones and easily accessible digital resources, a new wave of apps has emerged to provide immediate assistance, resources, and tailored support to survivors of domestic violence. These applications serve as virtual lifelines by offering survivors the means to contact help and access vital information discreetly.

Leveraging technology to empower survivors of domestic violence has become not only practical but essential. With a multitude of apps available, each designed to address specific needs and concerns, survivors now have an arsenal of tools right at their fingertips to aid them in their journey toward safety and healing.

From discreetly contacting support networks to offering educational resources, apps play a vital role in reshaping the landscape of DV support services by providing much-needed intervention for newcomers navigating their way through this difficult time. Take a look at the five apps below, which are dedicated to supporting domestic violence victims.


MyNARA, an app designed for victims of narcissistic abuse, was launched in June 2023 by Emma Davey, a domestic abuse survivor and award-winning Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Therapist. MyNARA offers a Recovery Toolkit for free subscribers, featuring ample data storage.

Opting for a paid subscription grants access to the comprehensive NarcArmour 12-phase recovery program, providing evidence-based therapeutic support for narcissistic abuse recovery along with additional cloud data storage. This program is enriched with instructional materials, videos, and tools, ensuring users never feel isolated or stagnant in their healing journey.

The app serves as a secure haven for survivors to confidentially store evidence of abuse, employing top-tier encryption measures. It also provides on-demand expert guidance from qualified counselors, a wealth of resources for growth and resilience, and progress-tracking capabilities. Having received 100% positive feedback from over 1,000 active users, MyNARA has proven to be an invaluable support system, hailed by many as a “lifesaver.”

2. BestyBnB

BestyBnB is creating a community where domestic violence survivors can find temporary housing for their pets. The company allows partnered domestic abuse shelters and other charitable organizations to search for animal caregivers in their network.

Statistics show that victims often hesitate to leave their abusers due to concerns about their pets’ safety if left behind. The program aims to remove this barrier, enabling individuals to secure safe housing and distance themselves from their abuser with the assurance that they can reunite with their beloved pets later.

3. LadyDriver

LadyDriver is a ride-sharing app that prioritizes the safety of women passengers. Committed to providing women with a sense of security during their journeys, LadyDriver connects riders to a network of female drivers, establishing a safe and comfortable space for women to travel. Whether it involves the daily commute, attending social events, or running errands, LadyDriver guarantees a trustworthy and empowering transportation experience for women.

The app’s inception, sparked by Gabriela Corrêa’s own unsettling encounter with a cab driver outside a bar, has resonated with hundreds of thousands of users, solidifying its position as the world’s largest women’s transport app. Its primary dedication lies in safeguarding women’s freedom of movement.

4. TechSafety

The TechSafety app is a comprehensive tool created by the National Network to End Domestic Violence. It is designed to empower individuals to protect their digital privacy and security, especially in situations involving domestic violence or stalking. It offers a range of features, including guidance on securing personal devices, advice on adjusting privacy settings, and tools for creating a tailored safety plan.

The app also provides resources on secure communication methods, recognizing signs of cyberstalking, and information about legal protections. Additionally, it directs users to local and national organizations specializing in digital safety and offers educational materials to enhance awareness about online risks.

5. myPlan

The myPlan App is a free mobile app designed to support individuals who are experiencing or have experienced domestic abuse. The tool is accessible via a mobile app and website and is designed to assist intimate partner violence (IPV) survivors in identifying and navigating their own safe path forward.

Typically, individuals seek safety planning through conventional support channels like hotlines, shelters, and domestic violence programs. However, a significant number of survivors never avail themselves of these resources, neglecting to mitigate violence and its detrimental effects.

Navigating relationship abuse can be challenging, so creating a safety plan is pivotal in addressing intimate partner violence. My Plan assists users in assessing the safety of their current relationship and provides guidance on creating a personalized safety plan.

Developed by researchers and community members who have expertise in domestic violence, myPlan is rooted in established principles of decision-making and risk assessment and guided by the empowerment framework central to domestic violence advocacy. It underwent rigorous development and testing phases, including randomized controlled trials involving survivors, their allies, and experts in relationship violence.