In the rapidly evolving landscape of business intelligence, Rado Kotorov, the visionary behind Storied Data, stands out as a beacon of innovation and practical wisdom. His journey, marked by a deep understanding of decision and game theory, reflects a relentless pursuit of optimizing decision-making through data.

The Genesis of a Vision

Kotorov’s foray into the realm of business intelligence was not a matter of chance but a culmination of his profound interest in how people make decisions. “I was always fascinated by the process of decision-making,” Kotorov shares. “During my studies in decision and game theory, I realized that with the right information, people are far more likely to make optimal decisions. This realization was the cornerstone of my career.”

His early experiences in the industry, which was then in its infancy, further solidified his belief in the power of information. Kotorov recalls, “Working with various organizations, I saw firsthand how access to accurate data could transform decision-making processes.”

Overcoming Early Challenges

Kotorov’s journey wasn’t without its hurdles. He recounts a pivotal moment just five days into a new job. “I had this idea, which I presented to the development team. It was immediately dismissed as unattainable, with some even walking out of the meeting.” This experience highlighted a critical insight for Kotorov: the resistance to new ideas in the absence of data. “It taught me the importance of presenting facts first to reduce instant rejections. Finding the balance in information distribution is key.”

Addressing a Fundamental Problem

At Storied Data, Kotorov and his team are tackling a fundamental issue: the efficient distribution of information. “Consider something as simple as a bank statement,” he explains. “It’s often useless for understanding spending trends due to the time required to analyze it. We aim to simplify this process.”

Storied Data’s mission is to make information more accessible and affordable. “Our goal is to lower the cost of information distribution, making it almost free, like electricity,” Kotorov states.

A Unique Convergence Approach

What sets Storied Data apart is its belief in the convergence of technologies. Kotorov draws parallels with the iPhone and smartwatches, which combine multiple functionalities into a single device. “In information distribution, we converge design, analytics, and web authoring. This allows us to create, publish, and distribute content seamlessly.”

Storied Data’s innovation lies in its development of ‘docapps’ – a hybrid of traditional documents and applications. “We’re merging text, graphs, and data into a unified content form, eliminating the need for multiple tools,” Kotorov explains.

Vision for the Future: AI and Beyond

Looking ahead, Kotorov sees artificial intelligence (AI) as the most significant advancement. However, he cautions against over-reliance on AI for decision-making. “Our focus is on assisting people to make better decisions with AI, not replacing human judgment entirely,” he asserts.

Kotorov envisions a future where AI augments human decision-making rather than supplanting it. “It’s crucial that humans remain confident contributors in the decision-making process, rather than mere executors of AI’s ‘will’,” he emphasizes.

Rado Kotorov’s journey with Storied Data is more than just a business endeavor; it’s a quest to empower individuals and organizations with the right information for optimal decision-making. His approach, blending theoretical understanding with practical application, positions Storied Data at the forefront of the content creation and business intelligence revolution. As the world navigates the complexities of data and AI, visionaries like Kotorov will be instrumental in shaping a future where technology enhances human capabilities, rather than diminishing them.