Lisbon’s storied streets will once again buzz with the digital dialect of the future as Web Summit Lisbon 2023 convenes the world’s tech elite, this time from November 13th to the 16th. In the limelight is Dr. Abdalla Kablan, an experienced entrepreneur with a focus on artificial intelligence (AI) and fintech, who is poised to launch his latest enterprise: DELTA Wealth Partners (DWP).

The Convergence of AI and Venture Capital

Web Summit has long been the bastion for tech aficionados, a place where tomorrow’s ideas find today’s voices. It is here that Dr. Kablan, armed with his knowledge of AI, machine learning, and their intersection with finance, will unveil DWP. DWP is not just a venture capital fund but a vision to mold the future of AI innovation, poised to infuse the industry with fresh capital and new directions.

DWP stands on the sturdy shoulders of Dr. Kablan’s prowess, licensed by the Financial Service Regulatory Authority (FSRA), and strategically headquartered at the Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM), a hub that’s fast becoming the Greenwich Meridian of global finance and tech.

This latest venture is Kablan’s rallying cry for AI to be the compass leading the tech industry forward, a passion stemming from his experiences as a serial entrepreneur and his advisory roles in various tech stratagems.

A Wealth of Experience

Dr. Kablan knows his way around the tech stage. His credentials are varied, having founded and successfully exited numerous companies like Wyzer, serving as a pivotal member of the Malta Stock Exchange where he chaired the blockchain committee, and acting as a director of the ZigSec the NASDAQ-Nordic listed company revolutionizing digital Identity. Such roles have sharpened his acumen, making him a sought-after voice in the corridors of tech power, from government halls to startup incubators.

His leadership at DWP is an assurance that AI’s potential will not just be acknowledged but actively harnessed. DWP is an invitation to entrepreneurs and investors to join a journey not just to the future of tech but to its very creation.

Dr. Kablan at Web Summit

Web Summit’s Mentor Hours will see Dr. Kablan offer his insights to a select group of eager startups in an engaging, interactive format. There, startups will drink from Kablan’s well of knowledge, learning how to navigate the treacherous but rewarding seas of tech entrepreneurship in an in-depth 45-minute session.

The Grit Daily Sixth Annual Speakers & Media Dinner

In tandem with the daytime events, the Grit Daily Sixth Annual Speakers & Media Dinner, scheduled for November 14th, offers an intimate setting for deeper dialogue. Set against the backdrop of Monte Mar Lisboa, with its delectable Portuguese and Mozambican offerings, this dinner is as much a feast for the palate as for the intellect.

Dr. Kablan will grace this gathering to officially launch DWP while also providing attendees a chance to delve into his vision for DWP and the AI domain. It’s a rare chance to intersect with media personalities, investors, and fellow tech pioneers under the convivial ambiance of Monte Mar Lisboa’s modern aesthetic.

An Event You Don’t Want to Miss

Both Web Summit and the Speakers & Media dinner are must-attend events, especially with Dr. Kablan’s attendance. However, seats at Grit Daily’s dinner are limited. To be part of this exclusive event, secure your ticket through Eventbrite.

For those also yearning to immerse themselves in the vibrant atmosphere of Web Summit 2023, visit the official website for tickets and join the forefront of technological evolution.