Armed with a background in cable television and a newfound ambition influenced by a shared fried chicken lunch, Patrick Jacobs has undoubtedly left his footprints on the digital sand of e-commerce. Jacobs, co-founder of Immerss, a groundbreaking online retail interface, has transformed his lunchtime vision into an innovative tool for propelling online shopping experiences toward new horizons.

Patrick’s involvement in the industry stemmed from recognizing the issues that are rife in the online sales landscape. Specifically, the disparity between e-commerce and physical retail conversion rates was a turning point for him. He recalls the President of Lucchese over a memorable poultry feast lamenting about a key problem – the skyrocketing sales when customers walked into a Lucchese store in comparison to the pitiful online conversion rates.

Appreciating this predicament, Patrick saw a wider problem. If Lucchese faced this, surely other brands did, too? With an unyielding belief in the potency of live video, born from his cable TV roots, he and his co-founder Arthur Veytsman conceived an all-encompassing platform: Immerss.

Immerss links online customers to brand associates, visually recreating in-store retail experiences virtually. By harmonizing personal interaction with digital convenience, Jacobs embarked on a journey to bridge the gaping discrepancy between online and physical retail conversion rates.

By implementing Immerss for Lucchese, Jacobs offered us a vision of what could be achieved with the platform. Right before the pandemic hit, Immerss found immediate, unprecedented elevations in conversion rates, average order values, and customer satisfaction.

The significance of Jacobs’ innovation becomes apparent when we compare the raw figures. E-commerce typically salvages a meager 1-2% conversion rate, while physical retail stores enjoy rates around 25%. Immerss not only bridges this gap but offers a more profound and engaging retail experience. When brands establish connections with online customers, conversion rates mirror those of physical stores. Average order values increase, and returns diminish significantly, courtesy of product experts guiding customers throughout their journey.

Simultaneously, Immerss brings in the power of both inbound and outbound clienteling, livestream shopping, and an AI-driven customer service and data portal. This makes Immerss a market leader, boasting the most comprehensive live commerce platform.

Looking toward the future, Jacobs has no intention of slowing down. The continuing growth and influence of AI promise intriguing developments within retail technology. The Immerss AI tool will facilitate smoother customer-brand interactions, intelligently guiding customers toward suitable experts and product recommendations. Furthermore, Jacobs is excited by the prospects of metaverse shopping being incorporated with VR headsets.

Jacobs’ central goal remains unwavering – a single entry point on a brand’s website that funnels customers effortlessly. As if drawn by invisible hands, guiding customers toward where they need to go, just like the physical in-store experience.

Jacobs’ venture Immerss highlights how robust digital commerce tools are crucial as online shopping expands. Analogue shopping experiences might evolve, but our desire for connection and individual servicing continues undiminished. Via Immerss, Jacobs provides a solution that merges the best of both worlds, making him a key player in shaping the ecommerce industry’s exciting future.