Exploring the impact of wearable navigation devices on travel and outdoor activities, we’ve gathered firsthand accounts from Founders and CEOs. From the convenience of hands-free navigation to the life-saving potential of smartphone GPS during a mountain excursion, discover the top seven ways these devices have transformed the experiences of seasoned travelers and outdoor enthusiasts.

  • Hands-Free Navigation Enhances Safety
  • Wearable Devices Boost Adventure Confidence
  • GPS Watches Provide Trail Confidence
  • Wearable Tech Streamlines Urban Networking
  • GPS Devices Aid Reforestation Projects
  • Smartphone GPS is a Mountain Excursion Lifesaver
  • Smartwatch Balances Travel and Work

Hands-Free Navigation Enhances Safety

Real-time navigation allows me to navigate unfamiliar environments without the need to constantly check a smartphone or paper map. This is particularly useful for hiking or exploring new cities, where hands-free navigation is convenient and safe.

Marc BromhallMarc Bromhall
Founder, Cape Trek

Wearable Devices Boost Adventure Confidence

As an avid hiker and traveler, I have found wearable navigation devices to be an absolute game-changer. They have truly enhanced my ability to explore new terrain and destinations with confidence and ease. With just a quick glance at my wrist, I can pull up detailed maps, track my current location, mark waypoints, and navigate back safely if needed. The convenience of having this vital information literally at my fingertips is invaluable. I no longer have to fumble with paper maps or rely solely on cell service.

For example, last summer, while trekking in the Canadian Rockies, I decided to venture off the main trail to summit a remote peak. Even though I was in very rugged alpine terrain, my watch kept me oriented and on course. Its track-back feature gave me peace of mind that I could retrace my steps if conditions became hazardous. Without such technology, I may not have attempted that challenging route. But with the security of my wearable guide, I was able to fully immerse myself in the stunning vistas and thrilling experience of exploring new ground. Moments like those are what adventuring is all about for me. And wearable navigation makes them possible.

Jessica SproatJessica Sproat
Founder, Next Up Adventure

GPS Watches Provide Trail Confidence

I can’t say enough good things about how wearable GPS devices have enhanced my adventures. I still remember the days of struggling with unwieldy paper maps and compasses, never quite sure if I was going in the right direction on obscure trails. What a difference quality navigation makes! Specifically, since investing in a Garmin a couple of years back, I navigate even remote mountain terrain with total confidence.

Having precise GPS tracking literally on my wrist guides me turn-by-turn, so I never second-guess where I am or where I’m headed. The full-color topo maps let me scout any trail in advance too, avoiding nasty surprises. Just last summer, while solo backpacking, the weather took an unfortunate turn late one afternoon. Thick fog rolled in, and I soon lost all visibility, unable to even see the cairns marking the path 50 feet away! With no visual references, panic could have easily set in. But checking my watch reassured me instantly—as long as I followed its routing prompts, I knew I’d make it safely back to camp. Having lived through the pre-GPS ‘dark ages,’ I can’t imagine tackling technical trails without my trusty gadget anymore! It’s honestly hard to overstate the confidence and capability wearable navigation provides.

Robert BrandlRobert Brandl
Founder & CEO, Email Tool Tester

Wearable Tech Streamlines Urban Networking

A standout experience was using a wearable navigation device while attending conferences in various cities. The device’s ability to provide real-time directions, public transit schedules, and traffic updates directly on my wrist made navigating unfamiliar urban landscapes seamless. It allowed me to focus on networking and exploring investment opportunities without worrying about logistics. This convenience is something I now recommend to all my peers in the business world.

Erik WrightErik Wright
CEO, New Horizon Home Buyers

GPS Devices Aid Reforestation Projects

As an arborist working on a reforestation project in rugged terrain, using a wearable GPS device was transformative. It enabled precise mapping of planting sites and tagging specific trees for monitoring, streamlining the management of a vast area. For instance, I marked the location of a rare tree species that needed special attention, which made follow-up visits for care and data collection straightforward. This technology saved time and ensured the accuracy of our conservation efforts, proving essential to the project’s success. Navigating to specific points without disturbing the newly planted areas minimized our environmental impact. This real-life example highlighted how integrating modern navigation tools can significantly enhance efficiency and effectiveness in environmental management practices.

Dylan HeathDylan Heath
Arborist, Apex Arborists

Smartphone GPS is a Mountain Excursion Lifesaver

To unwind, my spouse and I like to go on our RTV to the mountains. My phone’s GPS has been a lifesaver countless times. It shows us where our vehicle is parked and leads us right back to it, especially when we have gotten lost or have gone to a different place to ride. It has been a lifesaver, to say the least.

Tammy SonsTammy Sons
CEO, TN Nursery

Smartwatch Balances Travel and Work

As a digital nomad constantly on the move, my smartwatch has become an indispensable tool for enhancing both my travel and outdoor experiences while seamlessly integrating with my work.

For instance, during a recent hike in the Swiss Alps, my smartwatch provided real-time navigation guidance, ensuring I stayed on the right path while soaking in the breathtaking scenery. Its ability to track my steps and monitor my heart rate allowed me to maintain a healthy balance between work and physical activity, reminding me to take breaks when needed. Additionally, receiving notifications directly on my wrist kept me connected to my professional commitments without constantly reaching for my phone, allowing me to stay focused and productive while exploring new destinations. With its convenience and versatility, my smartwatch has truly elevated my travel and outdoor adventures while keeping me connected to both my personal and professional life.

Danielle HuDanielle Hu
Founder & Online Business Coach, The Wanderlover

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