Grit Daily has always had a straightforward yet potent mission: to inform, inspire, and lead in the realms of entrepreneurship, startups, leadership, tech, and marketing. They don’t just deliver news but aim to provide actionable insights that instigate real change. They’ve recently rolled out several new features to further solidify this commitment.

In a significant milestone, Grit Daily celebrated a record-breaking month this past August with a staggering 2.6 million total visits. This achievement speaks volumes about the publication’s growing influence and its resonance among a vibrant community of readers, contributors, and partners.

One of the key developments at Grit Daily is the introduction of their Leadership Network, an exclusive membership program tailored for thought leaders, industry experts, and startup savants. Members gain an array of perks like CMS access for priority publishing of their articles, personalized editorial support, and top-level priority for events organized by Grit Daily, including high-profile gatherings like SXSW and Consensus.

And speaking of audio content, the Startup Show podcast at Grit Daily has found a new lease on life under the stewardship of their new host, Phillip Lanos. Lanos is pushing the podcast in a novel direction, focusing on nuances crucial for startup founders and tech enthusiasts. The episodes offer a blend of actionable tips, expert insights, and Lanos’s unique style, making each installment a must-listen. These episodes are available on platforms like Spotify, and video versions are even shared on YouTube.

Additionally, Grit Daily reporter John Boitnott is launching “From the Ground Up,” a fresh interview series. This new venture aims to feature industry experts in succinct yet insightful discussions covering current events and key trends across sectors like tech, marketing, and entrepreneurship. The pilot episodes for this exciting new series can be found on YouTube, where Boitnott also produces short video clips summarizing interesting news events in a digestible format.

Looking ahead, Grit Daily is setting its sights on SXSW 2024. Scheduled for March 9, 2024, the event promises an immersive experience that brings together thought leaders for live panels, fireside chats, and podcast recordings. It will offer abundant opportunities for networking, complete with food and drinks to enjoy between panels.

All these updates and milestones indicate that Grit Daily is increasingly becoming the go-to source for everything related to startups, technology, and leadership. It’s a journey worth watching as they continue to expand their offerings and deepen their impact on the entrepreneurial and tech landscapes.

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