Jim Eckett, the Product Owner at technology company backstitch, is a living testament to the principle that the most valuable asset in a business is its people. Drawing strength from his early career experiences of overcoming adversity and personal loss in a notoriously stressful industry, Eckett has dedicated himself to nurturing a workplace environment that values mental health and open communication over personal ambition.

Eckett’s initial journey from the realm of sales into the world of tech was marked by the rough terrain often associated with workplace challenges in tech environments. However, Jim found motivation in those early trials, driving him to advocate for leadership that prioritizes strategic goals and human interaction. “I believe in people first and helping tech orgs that value the same,” he said, pointing to his conviction that workplace success cannot be isolated from the well-being of its employees.

Eckett’s people-centric approach goes beyond caring for team welfare. It extends to the strategic solutions he brings to organizations, enabling them to identify their strengths, transmute weaknesses into opportunities, and foster a culture of continuous improvement. At the heart of this approach is respect for the human element and willingness to communicate effectively and consistently for the benefit of the employees and, consequently, their customers.

“There is a serious gap to fill for businesses of all sizes, I am most proud when I am helping my coworkers and our customers overcome these problems with people-first, agile, evidence-based planning and decision-making,” Eckett asserted.

In terms of shaping the growth outlook of the tech sector, Eckett sees the future strength of the industry hinging on companies that can deliver exactly what customers want. However, what ultimately matters, according to him, is a company culture that values its people over trendy metrics and industry hype.

In fact, Eckett believes the most significant technological advancements to anticipate in the coming decade will be born from organizations that relegate hype to a backdrop while prioritizing people empowerment. As Eckett succinctly put it, “all the advancements and innovations of the next decade are pointless without the people behind the scenes making and maintaining”.

Indeed, the ever-evolving world of tech needs more visionaries like Jim Eckett. His insistence on a people-first work culture not only humanizes technology but also stresses the importance of creating products centered around customer needs. As the tech industry moves into the future, it is crucial to remember that success lies in the hands of the people behind the machines—and people work best when they feel valued, heard, and empowered.