Marvel’s newest series, “Secret Invasion,” recently debuted on Disney+. However, excitement was mixed with controversy due to the series’ AI-generated opening credits. This move, while innovative, highlighted the increasing role of artificial intelligence in the entertainment industry and sparked debate among artists and the public.

AI Process Behind the Intro Sequence

Series director Ali Selim shared that an AI tool was employed to design the opening credits, which VFX company Method Studios produced. The director explained that the AI tool was used to generate specific elements based on various “ideas and themes and words” given by the team. Method Studios further confirmed the use of both existing and custom AI tools to create attributes and movements for the characters featured in the opening sequence.

Human Element in the Creation Process

While AI played a significant role in creating the intro sequence, it is critical to highlight that an actual art department was significantly involved in the overall production. The process was described as highly collaborative, involving art directors, animators, artists, and developers. This human-AI collaboration reflects recent studies that have explored and validated the efficacy of such partnerships in various creative fields.

Artists’ Concerns on AI in Art

Despite these assurances, the AI-generated opening sequence has stirred concern among artists. Several artists, including those who worked on “Secret Invasion,” expressed dismay about the potential implications of AI in the art industry. They worried that the widespread use of AI could undermine their work and threaten their livelihoods.Artist apprehension has also resonated with the public, with some viewers even contemplating boycotting the new series. Such fears are not new and can be likened to those expressed during the emergence of digital art and photography.

AI’s Role in Past and Current Media Productions

The use of AI in similar situations is nothing new. The technology is playing an increasingly crucial role in the entertainment industry, revolutionizing processes from special effects creation to content recommendation. In movies and TV, it’s leveraged for tasks like de-aging actors, generating stunning visuals, and even creating whole animated sequences.One example of AI in a Disney production is the de-aging of Harrison Ford in the latest “Indiana Jones” movie. However, this is the first instance of AI being used in a Marvel TV show.

Examination of Generative AI as a Problem

The controversy surrounding “Secret Invasion” brings to the fore broader ethical concerns related to generative AI in art. Critics argue that AI art, which amalgamates millions of images created by people, could devalue human effort, creativity, and expertise. From an academic perspective, concerns are also raised about AI’s impact on artistic integrity and authenticity.There have also been concerns over AI bias and the death of creativity and innovation due to the use of the technology.