An executive coach is like a director in a movie: setting the tone, guiding performance, and laser-focused on delivering a smashing hit. Ed Bohlke of Radical Results Executive Coaching has a unique approach to this task. He aims to mold great executives into legendary ones, leaders who don’t just exceed expectations but shatter them, pushing boundaries and changing the game.

The primary goal of Bohlke’s executive coaching business revolves around improving the performance and results of executives and entrepreneurs. He believes that everyone carries the potential for greatness within themselves, yet unseen blindspots and underdeveloped skills often hold them back. Ed’s mission is to help these individuals uncover and rise beyond their self-imposed limitations. 

Unlike traditional business coaches focused on improving measurable skills like communication or strategic thinking, Ed works to reprogram the unconscious mind – the root, as he argues, of all real and lasting change. Bohlke believes that our unconscious minds govern much of our lives, dictating, among other things, what we think we deserve in life, known as our “Deserve Level.”

Our “Deserve Level,” says Ed, refers to the point up to which we believe we merit success or happiness or love. Our subconscious sets these limits, and they determine our reality. Bohlke contends that it’s possible to alter our Deserve Level and, consequently, our outcomes. His firm offers a proprietary approach to engage with this aspect of the subconscious mind systematically.

Bohlke described it thus: rather than merely managing surface behavior or addressing isolated problems, his method aims to modify the root mental programming that drives a person’s decisions, reactions, and beliefs. Changing the Deserve Level is central to this reshaping process. “Most people don’t realize that everything they have and accomplish in their lives is dictated by their unconscious mind’s view of what they deserve.”

In a world where executives and entrepreneurs continuously search for ways to unlock their professional and personal potential, Bohlke’s methods have won him numerous accolades. From the investment banker he helped make an extra $12 million in 2 months of coaching to the sculptor he helped launch solo shows in NY, Paris, and London to the sales exec he helped lose 85 pounds, his client testimonies are proof of his efficacy, full of accounts of transformations made and goals surpassed.

While acknowledging the unique nature of his approach, the Radical Results coach is confident that, given the relentless pace of change and competition in today’s business world, more people will turn to these advanced brain training techniques in the future. He predicts that as interest grows, advanced brain programming methods such as Deserve Level Training will push the limits of human potential and thereby accelerate human evolution.

In an era when the demand for effective leadership and unparalleled performance has never been higher, Bohlke’s methods promise to unlock a new realm of possibilities. While his approach is unique, the crux of Bohlke’s philosophy is universal and timeless: The belief that every individual carries within them the potential for greatness and that with the right tools and mindset, anyone can bring this potential into reality.

Bohlke is at the epicenter of this burgeoning field, guiding people from all walks of life to shatter their glass ceilings and redefine the limit of human potential. His results, radical as they are, stand as a testament to the power of this counter-intuitive approach – making Bohlke not just a game-changer but a life-changer.