Louisiana-based entrepreneur Acy Brown has expanded his brand to incorporate cutting-edge technology into every facet of his business. Keenly aware that new tech will give people better access to healthcare, education, and jobs, he is embracing technological advances. As such, he has set his sights on landing major partnerships with Big Tech companies to get technological resources to underserved communities.

The resources will be allocated through his non-profit organization, Donte Andrew Annie Foundation. According to the organization’s website, the DAA Foundation is dedicated to enhancing the livelihoods of underprivileged children, families, and disabled veterans in Louisiana through health, wellness, and community-based programs.

Acy has a vision to partner with tech companies such as Google, Apple, Meta Platforms, Intel, Cisco Systems, Oracle Corporation, and Microsoft. Establishing a partnership with either of these brands would be a game-changer for his desire to create financial and technological pathways to success for individuals and small business owners who may not typically have access to digital resources.

Acy firmly believes that digital technology can make businesses more agile and adaptable, allowing them to respond quickly to changing market conditions and customer needs. This can give them a competitive advantage over businesses that are slower to adapt. By having a competitive advantage, families and small businesses can build stronger communities. 

“Ideally, I would like to be able to distribute tablets, laptops and desktops to Community Centers and youth development organizations in my local community. Additionally, I would like to bring in guest speakers from tech companies to educate community members and small business owners about the benefits of using technology to simplify and enhance their overall lives,” said Acy Brown.

In addition to establishing strategic partnerships with Big Tech, Acy also hopes to partner with Black-owned wineries to introduce entrepreneurship and elegance to adults who want to experience the finer things in life. As such, in the coming months, Acy’s team will be reaching out to Black-owned wineries in hopes of securing a Brand Ambassador role.

“As a model, I’ve represented many prestigious brands over the course of my career, so now I would like to add a Black-owned winery to my resume. I’ve been doing research, and I would love to be a Brand Ambassador for wineries such as Brown Estate, Housley Napa Valley, J. Moss Wines, and others,” said Acy.

From Silicon Valley to Napa Valley, Acy Brown endeavors to blaze new trails. In addition to being a serial entrepreneur, he is an accomplished model and businessman. He also has a myriad of personal and professional accolades under his belt. Over the years, Acy has devoted most of his time to adding value to Fortune 500 companies.

Nowadays, you will find this business mogul juggling several business ventures such as his eponymous athleisure clothing line, The Acy Brown Collection, developing his Peace Is Priceless apparel line, creating new fitness videos, giving back to his community through his DAA Foundation, or expanding his modeling portfolio. 

Acy’s successful ventures have led him to his passion for inspiring others to dream bigger while utilizing their gifts to make an impact in the world. He has actualized his passion through various mediums, such as his eponymous podcast during the height of the pandemic, “The Acy Brown Show,” and as a commercial model and actor and the proprietor of his own brand. He writes his own rules and is carving out a distinctive niche within the marketplace.

Acy Brown is a man who is keenly aware of what he is bringing to the table. As the cover model of “Empowering Men” magazine and most recently featured in “Business in Action” magazine, his noteworthy achievements and accolades have put him in a class all his own. He is on a mission to create a global brand to inspire people worldwide to become a stronger, better version of themselves.

“I have worked hard to build a formidable brand. A brand that is innovative yet classic. My goal is to infuse excellence in everything that I do. I am building my empire while blazing a trail for others to build theirs,” said Acy.