Bryon Westmoreland, the seasoned expert behind Communic8, didn’t start precisely where you might expect. With a firm foundation in mathematics and computer science, Westmoreland launched his early career as a software engineer. With adept technical skills, he held a competent understanding of the inner workings of technology. Yet it wasn’t until he began noticing his unique knack for decoding the language of technology for a business audience that he discovered his true strength.

By observing his colleagues at work – skilled engineers, masters in their craft – Westmoreland realized that his greatest talent lay in a different realm. Bridging the gap between technology and business was where he shined. In his own words, this realization was “both humbling and enlightening.”

Over the past three decades, Bryon’s role within the tech world has dramatically evolved. While maintaining an analytical eye on the constantly shifting sands of technology, he chose to focus primarily on the business strategies that drive innovation forward. This wasn’t merely driven by career aspirations; rather, he felt a personal challenge to contribute maximum value to the tech industry.

Westmoreland’s approach is rooted in establishing a symbiotic relationship between technological innovation and business strategy. This dynamic balance, he suggests, is where he found his niche.

His current endeavor, Communic8, is a testament to his belief in that balance. This platform primarily addresses the need for effective, multifaceted communication within large enterprises. With its ability to engage a broad spectrum of employees through an array of channels – from email, and social media to native mobile apps and targeted campaigns – Communic8 bridges an existing gap in internal corporate communication. 

The platform’s versatility enables large enterprises to cater to their employees’ myriad communication preferences. The added ingenuity of integrating these channels into a single platform amplified by data analytics and personalized content, makes Communic8 a tool that streamlines internal communication efforts.

Communic8 differentiates itself through its strong partnerships within the reseller network, providing expanded reach and offering local support. This opportunity enables the company to enhance the quality of its service delivery, ensuring a superior customer experience. The platform stands as a preferred choice for comprehensive internal communications within enterprises, offering an ideal blend of customization, rich data analytics, stringent security, and compliance standards.

Looking ahead, Westmoreland identifies quantum computing as the likely disruptor to dominate technology advancement in the coming decade, notwithstanding the continued relevance of AI and Machine Learning. He sees potential for an unprecedented revolution in data processing and problem-solving, fueled by the enormous speed and capabilities that quantum computing offers.

Despite the new challenges it may bring, such as in cybersecurity and the development of stable quantum systems, Westmoreland remains optimistic about the transformative opportunities inherent in this emerging field. From breakthroughs in medicine and materials science to the ability to solve previously unsolvable computational problems, quantum computing is ready to reshape the landscape of innovation and efficiency. Westmoreland confidently declares, “If we think AI is impressive now, wait until these models can run in a quantum-powered infrastructure.”