Yosef Percia is determined to address the unchecked problems in the very industry he worked ardently in — real estate. As he spent years as an apartment broker, Percia became intimately acquainted with the challenges and loopholes that frequented his field. A glaring issue that he noticed was potential renters continuously bailing on scheduled apartment tours, leading to lost time and money. Rather than reluctantly accepting this as an industry standard, Percia saw an opportunity to push past normative business practices — a chance to bring necessary disruption to the monotony.

Thus, the idea of Delet, Percia’s innovative company, was born. Delet was conceived not only as a solution to Percia’s personal obstacles but also as a means to rectify a larger, systematic inefficiency plaguing the entire sector. As Percia explains, “Delet is transforming the broader real estate experience, making it more effective and engaging for brokers and clients alike.”

Yosef’s primary aim with Delet was to minimize the persistent discord within the real estate framework. He had observed a vast gap between the landlord’s intent to lease their property and the prospective tenant’s aspiration to find a new home. This disparity was mainly due to the lack of motivation among leasing agents to actively market and present properties. Landlords faced financial drawbacks as their properties wallowed in obscurity, rarely garnering a single visit. 

With Delet, Percia aimed to bridge this gap. Through a service that reinvents the traditional process of apartment viewing, Delet has essentially established a new standard for what it means to be accessible and convenient in today’s real estate market. “We believe in transforming the way home shoppers experience prospective apartments. By framing the reconnaissance of potential homes in the same vein as browsing a store shelf, we hope to make the process of apartment hunting as simple as shopping for a new toaster,” Percia quipped.

Looking into the future, Percia envisions a significant transformation in the real estate landscape. In the subsequent decade, he predicts a robust move towards self-showings driven by the rapid progression of smart technologies. Delet and its trailblazing approach have carved out a noteworthy niche in the rental industry, which Percia asserts is a testament to the changing expectations and needs of today’s tenants. They demand greater control, flexibility, and convenience in their quest for a comfortable home, and Percia is determined to provide just that – in the most advanced way possible. 

Percia is excited about the possibilities these advancements hold. With Delet at the forefront of this groundbreaking evolution, tenants everywhere can rest assured that their house-hunting journeys are about to become effortlessly smooth. 

It’s not every day that a personal frustration metamorphoses into a company on the cutting edge of its industry. Yet, for this determined entrepreneur, such a journey wasn’t just possible; it was necessary. So as Delet ushers in a new era, we’d do well to remember the humble beginnings of Yosef Percia, a broker turned business magnate who dared not only to dream but also to do.