Have you ever thought it would be easier if someone else did all the talking for you? If so, UneeQ is doing something using AI technology you need to pay attention to. Sitting at the cutting edge, UneeQ is taking a revolutionary approach to human-computer interaction.

The innovation, centered around sophisticated digital humans, represents a significant leap in making technology more intuitive and engaging for users across the globe. And this year, you can even find them at South by Southwest (SXSW).

Revolutionizing Interaction with AI-Powered Digital Humans

When it comes to AI, it seems like almost every company and startup is dipping its toe into the market. However, true to its name, UneeQ is doing something “unique” with its digital humans. Unlike the usual rigid chatbot most people are familiar with, these digital humans are multilingual and come in the form of interactive 3D avatars.

The avatars, designed to feel like another human, are capable of understanding and engaging in the nuances of human conversation. This includes a mastery of dialects, accents, and emotional expressions that help redefine user experience and offer a more natural and accessible way to interact.

Behind the Scenes of UneeQ’s Innovations

UneeQ’s digital humans are powered by Synapse and Synanim. Synapse is what provides real-time conversational abilities, integrating aspects like vocal style parameters, multi-language capabilities, and conversational context.

On the other hand, Synanim, the company’s proprietary animation system, is what gives life to UneeQ’s digital beings. It helps ensure natural, expressive, and emotive behaviors, which mirror the complexity of human interaction.

UneeQ’s Impact Across Industries

There are already numerous applications of the technology, and more are developing every day. The public sector is utilizing a digital human that speaks over 60 languages to provide equitable access to city services for a diverse population.

Meanwhile, in education, UneeQ’s digital avatars are being used to improve learning outcomes. This includes enhancing engagement and information retention by presenting a more realistic and human digital avatar.

However, one place these digital humans really shine is in marketing initiatives, where professionals can leverage UneeQ’s technology to great effect. Many have reported substantial gains in website traffic and customer engagement by using these digital humans.

SXSW 2024: UneeQ at The Lively & Grit Daily House

SXSW 2024, the renowned festival celebrating the convergence of tech, culture, and innovation, will feature UneeQ at The Lively & Grit Daily House. This venue, a nexus for thought leadership and innovative discussion, is situated within walking distance of the Austin Convention Center, making it a prime location for SXSW speakers and VIPs.

From March 9th to the 11th, The Lively & Grit Daily House will host a series of panels and live podcast sessions, with UneeQ’s participation, led by CEO Danny Tomsett, highlighting the transformative potential of AI in enhancing human-digital interactions.

UneeQ’s presence will offer attendees a unique opportunity to explore the future of digital communication. As digital humans continue to evolve, they promise to enrich our digital landscapes with interactions that are as meaningful and nuanced as those we share with one another.

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