Sarah McNabb, Chief Marketing Officer at GigaStar, is not your traditional tech executive. With a background in illustration and new media studies, she has a unique perspective on the challenges currently facing a new generation of “Creators” – specifically, YouTubers who are limited in gaining access to the capital they need to reduce their ad revenue risk, expand their brand, or simply support their entrepreneurial longevity. A financial technology veteran with a career spanning over 20 years, McNabb joined GigaStar, a cutting-edge financial technology platform aimed at filling the capital gap for entrepreneurial Creators, in June of 2022.

Sarah recalls what compelled her to join the startup. “GigaStar’s CEO, Hazem Dawani, who I had worked with previously at a successful options trading software company in Chicago, approached me with the GigaStar model and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to be part of this concept,” McNabb reminisced. “It struck me as brilliant.”

McNabb’s personal life also factors into her work at GigaStar. Her husband, a full-time podcaster and YouTube Creator himself allowed her to see first-hand the struggles Creators face. This insight, coupled with her professional background, has driven McNabb’s passion for the project at hand. The primary problem GigaStar aims to solve is providing Creators with entrepreneurial capital from thousands of strategic channel investors. Through GigaStar Market, YouTube Creators can collect years of potential future revenue through a public revenue-share offering, while encouraging both individual and institutional investors to take part in the burgeoning Creator Economy.

“GigaStar brings value by removing the complexity for Creators to set up what is similar to an IPO. From onboarding to funds distribution – we’re streamlining what has been, up until now, an overly complicated process that has dissuaded Creators from walking this path on their own,” McNabb explains. The company aids Creators in setting up an LLC, crafting and filing Form C, equivalent to an offering memorandum, setting up and helping market the public offering page, and automating the monthly revenue distribution to investors through blockchain smart contracts.

When asked about future innovations in the industry over the next decade, McNabb sees the burgeoning Creator Economy becoming more closely integrated with blockchain technology and decentralized finance solutions such as tokenization and smart contracts. McNabb believes that these technological advancements will profoundly lower the barriers of entry for investors to gain exposure to unique revenue-sharing assets in the Creator Economy, hence enhancing and transforming the Creator and Investor relationship.

McNabb appears ceaselessly enthralled with GigaStar’s mission, embodied in their high-level financial engineering and complemented by a white-glove, concierge-style onboarding and support. Beyond empowering Creators and investors to grow together, the company is committed to being an ongoing resource and partner for Creators, demonstrating their dedication to this new generation of entrepreneurs. GigaStar is raising the curtain to an era where YouTube Creators will have a chance to access funds that will allow them to continue doing what they love. 

For more information on GigaStar, visit their website.


Investment offerings are speculative, illiquid, and involve a high degree of risk, including the risk of loss of your entire investment. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results.