Narine Arakelian, the visionary behind “Metamorphosis of Aphrodite’s Stones” in Decentraland, emerges from a rich tapestry of international acclaim and diverse artistic ventures. Born in Tynda, Siberia, on May 13, 1979, Arakelian’s journey into the art world was cultivated through her studies at the State Surikov Institute in Moscow, graduating in 2015. Her work spans a broad spectrum of media, including performance art, installation, painting, sculpture, video art, and environmental art, often interwoven with digital technologies to challenge and explore social, cultural, and political themes.

Arakelian’s art, rooted in her interdisciplinary and feminist approach, engages deeply with social commentary and explores gender identity. Her innovative performances and installations have drawn attention to their unique and unprecedented methodologies. For instance, her performance “The Cast Iron Pots and Pans” in Venice paid homage to the women’s protest during the Armenian Revolution, showcasing her commitment to social justice and her ability to merge the physical with the metaphorical in her art. Such works underscore her belief in the illusory world of new realities and her pursuit to adapt and accept these realities through art 

Her illustrious career has seen her works displayed at prestigious venues like the Venice Biennale, among others. Arakelian’s contributions to the art world have been recognized with her membership in the Russian Union of Artists. Through her extensive exhibition history, she has established herself not just as an artist who transcends boundaries but also as a pivotal figure in contemporary feminist and interdisciplinary art practices 

Arakelian’s latest endeavor, “Metamorphosis of Aphrodite’s Stones,” is not merely an exhibition but a narrative journey, inviting viewers into a realm where myth meets the digital age. Drawing from Hellenism and Greek mythology, the exhibition explores themes of gender and identity, weaving together digital innovation, mythology, and nature. This project underlines Arakelian’s fascination with physicalism, blending the physical and digital to make art more accessible and immersive. Her work invites a reflection on the enduring power of myth, the transformative potential of technology, and the human connection to the natural world.

The Aphrodite’s Stone is a real-life treasure with a fascinating history. Legend has it that Aphrodite, the Olympian goddess of love, beauty, pleasure, and procreation, was born from the sea foam on the southwestern coast of Cyprus. A famous local tale revolves around the rock, which claims that anyone who swims around it will be blessed with everlasting beauty. As a result, thousands of women worldwide pilgrimage to this site every year to test the age-old legend.

Arakelian’s “Metamorphosis of Aphrodite’s Stones” exhibition brings to life a mythical narrative in the digital landscape, creating a unique opportunity for participants to experience art in a new dimension. The exhibition dissolves the boundaries between the physical and the digital, allowing viewers to navigate a realm where art comes to life. 

To interact with the art piece and release the nine Aphrodite stones, participants must engage with the center stone. Once they have interacted with all nine stones, viewers can claim an exclusive reward.

The digital land-art piece explores the infinite potential of art and creativity in the Metaverse. Arakelian’s work goes beyond the traditional confines of a gallery, embracing the limitless possibilities of the digital space. Participants are encouraged to engage, interact, and redefine their understanding of the ongoing exhibition, which is not only a display of Arakelian’s artistic skills but also an occasion to celebrate the merging of art and technology. You’re invited to experience the amalgamation of mythology, modernity, and limitless creativity in this virtual realm. Join the artist and be a part of this extraordinary event.

“Metamorphosis of Aphrodite’s Stones” is an invitation to explore art beyond reality, breaking preconceptions and providing a peek into the future of artistic expression. Don’t miss this chance to be a part of history as Narine Arakelian welcomes you to a digital dreamscape where imagination has no limits.