Tom Albert, who built his career in cybersecurity, finds purpose in his role as founder and CEO of MeasuredRisk, where he navigates the world of risk management not just as an entrepreneur but as a protector. Helping others anticipate risks before they negatively impact their operations is Tom’s professional calling card. 

This inclination to protect and forecast is motivated by two converging interests. Firstly, Tom is an entrepreneur fueled by empathy. He wants to help people establish predictability and feel secure in their lives. His avenue of choice is his entrepreneurship in cybersecurity and risk management.

Secondly, Albert’s affinity for technology guides his professional trajectory. As a child, he was fascinated by the Apple computer and found joy in computer graphics and animation. His early immersion in tech, buoyed by growing up in a town where public education was supplemented by university resources, is posited by Malcolm Gladwell in “Outliers” to be a key factor to his innovative influence in the industry.

Tom’s venture, MeasuredRisk, builds on the premise that organizations can be potentially blindsided by risks hidden in their supply chains or counterparties. A supplier disruption, for instance, could significantly impact a client’s operations. If a client is producing a jet – one built from 5,000 suppliers – any delay translates to massive costs and unreliable services. What MeasuredRisk offers is insight to anticipate these disruptions before they wreak havoc.

What sets MeasuredRisk apart in the rapidly evolving landscape of risk management comes in two key strengths. Firstly, they are a patented entity specializing in operational, cybersecurity, and geographic risk identification. Their methods, developed with artificial intelligence, are unique to the company. Secondly, MeasuredRisk is the only company globally that can predict an entire supply chain’s potential for supplier failure, thus safeguarding clients from potential blows to their operations.

Albert’s view of the future is buoyed by the rapid progress in technology. Artificial intelligence is poised to be a major disrupter. Tom envisions a future where technology blends seamlessly into the background with our interactions turning increasingly human. As AI evolves, it will simplify the way we interact with technology to the point where our decisions will be greatly influenced by technology ‘advice.’ Albert believes this might even mean leapfrogging over the logistics and tedious tasks we face today, like manufacturing and sourcing, thereby heralding a new age of innovation.

In essence, Tom Albert sees a future where the complexity of setting up and running a business is replaced by technology, letting ideas and creativity take the spotlight, leading to an economy that fosters inventions and creativity on a scale that the world has never seen. The future is riveting and possibly more exciting than anything we have witnessed in the last 100 years. 

Tom Albert’s outstanding contributions to cybersecurity, risk management, and technology forecast a promising future where measured risks are not just guessed but known, enhancing predictability and safety in an interconnected world.