If you thought the fast-paced world of technology was all about the next best gadget, you might not have met Ken Winell. His journey through landmarks of tech transformation — from mainframes to client-server computers, from mobile to internet adoption, and finally to Cloud — has honed his perspective on how technology intertwines with human lives. As a leader at Nexus Digital, Winell, the variable tech futurist, is driven by his commitment to creating frictionless customer journeys and experiences through the application of “Star Trek” thinking – a simple but profound approach to envisioning possibilities and turning them into reality.

Winell’s philosophy ties neatly with the ethos of Nexus Digital, a firm that thrives on using the vanguard of tech advances to address unique business challenges. Today, as the clamor around artificial intelligence grows louder, business leaders around the globe grapple with understanding AI’s impact on their operations. It’s here that Nexus Digital, under Winell’s stewardship, advances its singular offering — an AI Maturity Assessment workshop that equips senior executives to identify the potential benefits and pitfalls of AI in their unique context.

The innovative minds at Nexus Digital have handcrafted diverse projects, ranging from AI chatbots for customer service to dynamic content generation for websites and marketing materials using AI, besides also serving up digital assistant insights based on data analytics. In carving out this niche, Winell and his team are not just responding to a market need; they are crafting a unique service tailored for the era of AI-dominated businesses.

With an extraordinary ability to anticipate the next wave of innovations, Ken is steadfast in his belief that AI will spearhead dominant trends in the coming years. However, he also anticipates a swift shift towards the metaverse, as augmented reality and immersive experiences promise to revamp our interaction methods. 

Yet, the canvas of technological advancement that Ken paints does not end here. It includes hyper-personalization, autonomous vehicles, and the rise of embedded AI wearables like smart glasses and haptic clothing. His acute foresight persuades him to believe that a significant shift in power resources is also on the horizon — a transition towards greener solutions and a decreased dependency on fossil and rare earth elements.

As he navigates through technology’s evolutionary journey, Winell finds himself seamlessly transitioning between the roles of a keen observer and a pioneer pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. In this dance, the driving force is a commitment to reshaping technology’s utility in addressing pressing challenges — be it in healthcare, manufacturing, retail, or logistics.

From mainframes to AI chatbots and from mobile to the metaverse, the relentless pace of tech evolution is the constant backdrop playing to Winell’s symphony at Nexus Digital. Throughout, Ken Winell has remained captivatingly versatile, emerging as a beacon for those who believe in technology’s potential to redefine human interactions and fuel a more efficacious world.

In shaping this world with this brand of “Star Trek” thinking and more, Winell isn’t merely observing the trends; he’s setting the stage for the future unfolding before us. Join him on this journey.