Exploring innovative ways to manage stress, we’ve gathered insights from experts in technology and wellness, including a running coach and a CEO. From leveraging biofeedback for stress relief to using wearable reminders for breaks, here are the top five strategies these professionals use with their wearable devices to maintain a balanced lifestyle.

  • Leverage Biofeedback for Stress Relief
  • Track Sleep and Mindfulness for Well-Being
  • Use Box-Breathing with Smartwatch
  • Monitor Stress Levels for Work-Life Balance
  • Set Wearable Reminders for Breaks

Leverage Biofeedback for Stress Relief

As a UESCA-certified running coach, I utilize wearable devices for stress management by leveraging their biofeedback capabilities to monitor and teach clients about the relationship between their physiological states and stress levels. For example, devices that track heart rate variability (HRV) can be used to identify when the body is in a state of heightened stress, prompting the use of targeted relaxation techniques such as guided breathing exercises or progressive muscle relaxation.

A specific technique I’ve introduced to clients is a mindfulness practice paired with real-time HRV feedback. By observing how their HRV changes in response to mindful breathing, clients learn to control their stress response and improve their overall resilience. This direct correlation between the mindfulness practice and their HRV scores provides a powerful, quantifiable insight into the effectiveness of the technique.

I’ve had clients use wearables to set reminders for regular stress-reduction breaks throughout the day. These breaks, informed by the wearable’s stress level indicators, ensure that clients take time to engage in brief stress-relief activities before their stress becomes overwhelming, helping to maintain a more balanced and focused state throughout their training and daily life.

Joshua BartlettJoshua Bartlett
Running Coach, Your Next Run

Track Sleep and Mindfulness for Well-Being

Leveraging wearable technology at MOKO Technology has revolutionized how we manage stress within our engineering team. A technique that stands out involves using smartwatches to track our sleep patterns and stress levels. This real-time data encourages us to adopt healthier sleeping habits and integrate short mindfulness exercises into our daily routines.

Personally, seeing the tangible benefits of improved sleep on my overall stress levels has been a game-changer, enhancing both my productivity and well-being.

Will LiWill Li
Hardware Engineer, MOKO Technology

Use Box-Breathing with Smartwatch

I love using my Garmin smartwatch for stress management. One fantastic technique I use is box-breathing. It’s a simple breathing exercise in which you breathe in for four counts, hold for four, breathe out for four, and hold again for four. My watch helps me keep track of these counts, making it super easy.

What’s awesome is that I can do this five-minute breathing session right on my wrist whenever I need it. It helps me focus and calm down, especially during busy or tense moments.

Jan CizmarJan Cizmar
CEO & Founder, Tolgee

Monitor Stress Levels for Work-Life Balance

As a general manager and marketing expert, utilizing wearable devices for stress management has been pivotal in maintaining both personal well-being and professional performance. One specific technique involves leveraging wearable devices equipped with stress-tracking capabilities to monitor stress levels throughout the day. By analyzing the data provided by these devices, I can identify patterns and triggers that contribute to stress and adjust my routines accordingly.

Additionally, wearable devices equipped with mindfulness and relaxation features offer on-the-go stress relief. Utilizing guided breathing exercises or mindfulness sessions during breaks or moments of heightened stress helps promote relaxation and mental clarity, ultimately enhancing productivity and decision-making.

Anecdotal experience includes noticing significant improvements in stress management and overall well-being after incorporating wearable devices into my daily routine. The ability to track stress levels in real-time and access immediate stress-relief techniques has been invaluable in maintaining a healthy work-life balance amidst demanding responsibilities.

Omer LewinsohnOmer Lewinsohn
General Manager, Marketing Expert, Management.org

Set Wearable Reminders for Breaks

My wearable devices are like little helpers in my stress-relief routine. I use them to stay calm and focused. For instance, my smartwatch reminds me to take breaks and breathe deeply when it notices I’m feeling stressed. It’s like a tiny coach cheering me on.

Another helpful trick is using a smart band to keep track of my sleep. Understanding my sleep patterns helps me manage stress and feel better overall. It’s like having a sleep detective to guide me. These devices make stress management feel like a simple and enjoyable game, giving me instant support and insights to stay healthy and happy.

Jon TorresJon Torres
CEO, Jon Torres

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