We tapped into the insights of tech-savvy professionals, including CEOs and Founders, to reveal their most cherished smartwatch features and the impacts on their lives. From health monitoring that enhances daily productivity to heart rate monitoring that boosts training outcomes, explore the diverse benefits as we unveil the top seven features these experts adore.

  • Health Monitoring Enhances Daily Productivity
  • Fitness Tracker Encourages Healthier Lifestyle
  • Smartwatch Spurs New Running Habit
  • Real-Time Glucose Monitoring for Diabetics
  • Sleep Tracker Informs Better Rest Habits
  • Step Counter Promotes Daily Movement
  • Heart Rate Monitoring Boosts Training Outcomes

Health Monitoring Enhances Daily Productivity

My favorite feature on my smartwatch is the health-monitoring suite, specifically the heart-rate and sleep-tracking functionalities. As someone who spends long hours in front of a computer, I found myself neglecting my health, which was affecting my productivity and overall well-being, to be honest.

One day, after noticing irregular heart-rate patterns, my smartwatch prompted me to take a break and practice some deep-breathing exercises. This simple alert led to a daily habit of taking short, mindful breaks, which significantly reduced my stress levels. Additionally, the sleep-tracking feature highlighted that I was getting inadequate sleep, encouraging me to establish a better bedtime routine.

Since incorporating these features into my daily life, I’ve noticed remarkable improvements. My energy levels are more consistent throughout the day, and my productivity has increased substantially. The heart-rate alerts have also made me more conscious of my overall health, prompting me to exercise regularly.

It’s no surprise that the global smartwatch market is expected to reach $108,893.2 million by 2031; this increasing adoption of smartwatches reflects their significant impact on personal health and daily routines, as I’ve already experienced it firsthand.

For anyone looking to improve their daily routines and health, I highly recommend leveraging the health-monitoring features on your smartwatch. It’s a small step, but it can lead to substantial positive changes in your life.

Mahesh JoshiMahesh Joshi
Research Analyst, Straits Research

Fitness Tracker Encourages Healthier Lifestyle

The fitness-tracking feature on my smartwatch is indispensable. It monitors my activity levels, heart rate, and sleep patterns, encouraging a healthier lifestyle. This constant health insight has motivated me to stay active and maintain a balanced routine.

The convenience of having real-time health data on my wrist has significantly improved my overall well-being and productivity.

David WilfongDavid Wilfong
Founder and CEO, DavidWilfong

Smartwatch Spurs New Running Habit

I bought a Xiaomi Band 8 Pro last year to help me have an alternative to my smartphone, so I could get notifications on the go. What I didn’t expect was that it would be the greatest motivator to get me into daily running. The smartwatch has ten different running courses programmed into it, which help even beginners start a new running habit.

Following the tips it gave me, I found myself covering half a mile to start, and three months later, I could routinely do five miles every three days.

The watch helps me plan my recovery well by tracking my vitality, ensuring that despite a career that sees me sitting down for the better part of the day, I can blend that in well with my running exercise and remain fresh and energized every day. Since buying the watch, I’ve joined a running club to keep me motivated in my efforts to keep running, and I hope to run my first marathon later this year.

Clooney WangClooney Wang
CEO, TrackingMore

Real-Time Glucose Monitoring for Diabetics

I am a Type I diabetic, and thus my favorite feature of my Apple Watch—by far—is the integration with my Dexcom continuous glucose monitor.

To be able to see my blood sugar in real time by simply glancing at my watch, rather than having to pull out my phone and open the app, has been a game changer. I can go on long runs or sit in a movie theater and keep track of my blood sugar—which, as any Type I can tell you, is always on my mind.

Phillip MandelPhillip Mandel
Owner, Mandel Marketing

Sleep Tracker Informs Better Rest Habits

Confession time: I’m a total data nut, and when it comes to my health, my smartwatch is like having a personal scientist on my wrist. My favorite feature, hands down, is the sleep tracker. It’s like having a tiny dream detective working through the night, unveiling the mysteries of my slumber.

But it’s not just about uncovering the secrets of sleep—it’s about what I can do with that information. Being able to see my sleep patterns in black and white, with breakdowns of deep sleep, light sleep, and those pesky wake-up interruptions, has been a game-changer. It’s opened my eyes (well, technically helped me close them properly!) to areas where I could optimize my rest.

For example, by recognizing nights where screen time before bed left me feeling wired, I’ve established a relaxing pre-sleep routine. Now, instead of scrolling through social media, I unwind with a good book or some calming meditation.

The difference? A world of improvement! Deeper sleep translates to more energy throughout the day, allowing me to tackle sales goals with laser focus and leave the afternoon slump in the dust. So yeah, you could say my smartwatch’s sleep tracker is a secret weapon in my productivity arsenal.

Shawn BoehmeShawn Boehme
Director of Sales, PanTerra Networks

Step Counter Promotes Daily Movement

Step counter! It’s super important for encouraging daily movement, which is key for mental and physical health. By keeping track of my steps and hitting my movement goals, I make sure to prioritize my well-being inside and out.

Diane HowardDiane Howard
Rn and Founder, Esthetic Finesse

Heart Rate Monitoring Boosts Training Outcomes

The health and fitness tracking feature, specifically the real-time heart rate monitoring and activity tracking, is my favorite feature on my smartwatch. This feature has dramatically enhanced my daily way of life by promoting a healthier and more active lifestyle. Before I started using a smartwatch, monitoring my health stats and maintaining a daily exercise routine was difficult for me. The health tracking on the smartwatch gives me real-time information on my physical activity, heart rate, and my sleep setup, and that is a game-changer for me.

Continual checking of my heart rate that it offers helps me to regulate the intensity of the exercise during training, thereby ensuring that I never train too hard. My training outcomes, as well as cardiovascular fitness, have received a tremendous boost from this. The 24/7 activity tracker motivates me to always stay active by creating an activity goal in terms of the steps to take during the day, as well as reminding me to move every hour. This has made me more active every day and even protected me from hours of continuous desk work.

The sleep tracking feature provides me with a lot of details regarding how well and how long I sleep. I also found out what I do that could potentially make me sleep worse, like screen time before going to bed. A small tweak in my bedtime routine has increased the quality of my sleep and made me more productive during the day. The general approach to healthcare, including stress and blood oxygen saturation monitoring, motivates me to make more informed decisions regarding my lifestyle, thereby making my overall health better.

Kwame McGillKwame McGill
Founder & Owner, Chimney And Stone Masonry LLC.