Activision Blizzard Media, a key player in interactive and digital entertainment, continues to redefine the landscape of gaming and advertising through its innovative approach and cutting-edge technology. Activision Blizzard Media leverages the vast portfolio of Activision Blizzard’s iconic franchises and its global audiences to create immersive advertising and entertainment experiences.

As the industry stands on the cusp of new technological frontiers, Activision Blizzard Media is heading to SXSW 2024 to highlight the company’s ongoing commitment to innovation in both gaming and the broader media landscape.

At the core of Activision Blizzard Media’s mission is the pursuit of creating meaningful connections between brands and the highly engaged gaming community. By tapping into the rich, immersive worlds of Activision Blizzard’s games, the media division offers unparalleled access to a diverse, global audience. This unique position enables the creation of advertising experiences that are not only effective but also deeply integrated into the fabric of digital entertainment.

The significance of gaming in the entertainment ecosystem has never been more apparent. With the rise of mobile gaming and interactive entertainment, gaming has transcended its niche origins to become a central element of mainstream culture. Activision Blizzard Media stands at the forefront of this shift, driving the conversation around the future of gaming and entertainment with a keen eye on emerging trends and technologies.

SXSW 2024 provides an ideal platform for Activision Blizzard Media to showcase its vision and achievements. Amidst the festival’s diverse array of panels and presentations, Activision Blizzard Media is set to contribute to the discourse on the evolving relationship between gaming, entertainment, and technology.

The Lively & Grit Daily House, located at 206 San Marcos Street and just a few blocks from the downtown convention center, will host the company’s panels on March 9th, the first day of its 3-day activation. The discussions taking place at the house are poised to delve into topics at the heart of the gaming industry’s future, including the synergy between gaming and Hollywood, the rise of portable gaming, and the enduring power of gaming IPs in the broader entertainment industry.

The first panel, led by Jonathan Stringfield, VP of Global Business Research & Marketing at Activision Blizzard Media, is on gaming’s cultural evolution and the reemergence of transmedia. It will begin at 11:20 AM CT and explore the increasingly thin boundaries between gaming and other entertainment mediums.

Jonathan Stringfield will remain on stage for the second panel, “Power of IP: Gaming x Entertainment,” which will feature insights from him, Mike White, CEO of Lively Worldwide, and Elle McCarthy, former Executive Marketing Leader of EA Sports. The discussion will focus on the strategic importance of gaming IPs in the entertainment industry, examining how these properties are expanding their cultural footprint and shaping innovative content strategies.

Activision Blizzard Media’s engagement at SXSW 2024 is emblematic of the company’s broader strategy to lead and influence the future of entertainment. By fostering dialogue on key industry trends and showcasing its innovative approaches to media and advertising, Activision Blizzard Media is not just participating in the conversation but actively shaping the direction of digital entertainment.

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